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Israel Political Science Association is an association of researchers and teachers in the fields of political science from universities and colleges throughout the country.

Conference presentation


The annual conference of the
Israeli Political Science Association 

Postponed to February 2025



אודות האגודה

Israel Political Science Association deals with all research areas relating to the study of politics, including political science, government, public policy, public administration and international relations.

President’s Statement

Prof. Osnat Akirav, Israel Political Science Association, President.

The Israeli Association for Political Science aims to promote the research and teaching of the field in Israel and the world, through the organization of research conferences and workshops for researchers at all stages of their academic career.

The association sees great importance in providing a platform for young researchers. In light of this, this year we have renewed the tradition of the International Graduate Conference, which has been held since 2005 at the Hebrew University under the initiative and leadership of Professor David Levi-Faur. The coming workshop will be held in June at Reichman University.

פרופ' אסנת עקירב משנה לנשיא האגודה.jpg
Professional conference table

Donate ISPSA

The budget of the Israel Political Science Association is based mainly on membership fees. Still, we welcome donations from organizations and individuals. The association often uses donations to award prizes for books, doctorates, thesis work, and outstanding articles. Commemoration options include offering an award in the name of the person being commemorated and a mention in the association's annual conference book and on the association's website.

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