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Working Groups

Over the past decade the number of lecturers and researchers in political science is growing. This community encompasses researchers and lecturers at universities and private and regional colleges, high school teachers and political scientists in governmental and nongovernmental research institutes.


Naturally, political science research subjects are fragmented and diverse. To create knowledge communities that nurture and promote various areas of specialization in Political Science in Israel while creating mutual feedback, and to create research-based initiatives of like-minded teams and joint research interest, Israeli Political Science Association encourages the creation of working groups similar to those existing American Political Science Association and the European Consortium for Political Research.


These groups provide a common platform for the development of cooperation between scholars who specialize in similar research fields as well as cooperation on informal basis between them while strengthening social networks and research on the basis of which these researchers work. In other professional associations in political science, these teams publish together journals and books and provide a platform for joint application for research grants.


Israeli Political Science Association will encourage these groupings on the basis of a steering committee that  would allow the participation of its members in the various working groups. It is hoped that with time these groups will work to advance their research fields with studies distributed informally within the groups and the presentation of these studies at the ISPSA conferences or those initiated by various groups, as well as workshops on specific topics, joint research projects and papers on various subjects .


There are working groups:

The Women in Political Science Forum

The Security, State and Society Research Group


More offers are gladly accepted, by email:

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