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About The Outstanding Book

Israel׳s Regime Untangled: Between Democracy and Apartheid (Cambridge University Press)

The Gideon Doron Outstanding Book Award

The book by Professor Gal Arieli from the Department of Politics and Government at Ben Gurion University.

"Israel's Regime Untangled: Between Democracy and Apartheid" (Cambridge University Press), constitutes an in-depth study that presents the complexities of the Israeli political regime in all its aspects while relying on sophisticated and enlightening methodological empirical analyses. The book offers a thorough examination that does not ignore the complexity of the Israeli political experience paying attention to its many characteristics, achievements, and challenges. The study uses empirical, comparative, and theoretical research strategies to teach the reader about the problematic tensions anchored in the regime's structure. The book also points to the additional difficulty in defining this structure stemming from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A fascinating and thought-provoking book with a pioneering contribution to the research discourse on regime typologies in general and the Israeli regime in particular.

Professor Gideon Doron was born in Tel Aviv in 1945. He graduated from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and holds a doctorate from the University of Rochester under the guidance of William Riker, the father of manipulation theory and game theory applications in the study of politics. He published 20 books in Hebrew and English and dozens of academic articles on strategy and political economy, election methods, policy and public administration, communication and political manipulation, and game theory. Initiated the establishment of the public policy department at Tel Aviv University and was a consultant and academic chairman of the administration and public policy department at Ben-Gurion University during its founding stages.

He was one of the founders of the Center for Citizen Empowerment in Israel and the central academic figure in its operation. He also headed the Department of Political Science at Emek Jezreel College. Prof. Doron participated in developing the National Resilience Index, which includes the Corruption Index. He was also active in the international team that measures public corruption in the world's countries.


Professor Doron held a series of public positions, including chairman of the Second Authority for Television and Radio, member of the steering team of the Megidor Committee on the System of Government in Israel, advisor to prime ministers and ministers, member of the committee to examine the issue of appointments in the public service, member of the team for national security, the Israel Film Council and the committee to determine Municipal boundaries.


To a large extent, the Israeli Political Science Association owes its very existence to Gideon Doron, one of the association's founders and its former chairman. Among other things, he established the association's book publishing house and headed its scientific board. 

About Prof. Gideon Doron Z”L (1945-2011)

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