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נפתחה ההרשמה לחברות ב-IPSA לשנת 2016

The International Political Science Association (IPSA) is currently in the process of renewing individual memberships for the year 2016. I would like to invite you to explore the possibilities and services that an IPSA membership can offer you and to consider becoming a member for 2016 as of today. Your contribution is crucial to furthering our mission to promote the advancement of political science throughout the world.

The IPSA membership benefit package now includes more services than ever:


  • Subscription to the electronic version (archives included) to International Political Science Review (IPSR) (five per year) via the Sage Publications’ website, plus a free optional print version.

  • Subscription to the electronic version (archives included) of World Political Science (WPS) via the De Gruyter's website, plus an optional print version (two per year) at a reduced price.

  • Subscription to Participation, IPSA's bulletin.

  • Receive the monthly E-Newsletter.

  • Access to the IPSA Portal of Political Science (search engine with website reviews).

  • Optional subscription to International Political Science Abstracts at a reduced price (50%). Subscriptions include all six issues published during the calendar year.

Research services

  • Join a community numbering thousands of political scientists worldwide by collaborating and/or working with one of 49 IPSA Research Committees.


  • Participate in IPSA exclusive events around the world.

  • Opportunities to compete for IPSA awards and mobility grants for the World Congress of Political Science.

Web services

  • Post your CV or resume in a personalized profile page available to the members in the Members Directory and to the media in the Specialist Registry.

  • Access the online Members Directory, ideal for contacting colleagues around the world and a major source of invitations to professional opportunities.

  • Promote your books, events, call for papers, job posting, awards and more on the IPSA website, its E-Newsletter and its social media pages (Facebook and Twitter).

Publisher's Discount

  • Enjoy an IPSA members’ discount on subscriptions to Journal of Power.

  • Benefit from a 20% discount on all Oxford University Press titles in the areas of politics and international relations.

  • Benefit from a 25% discount on all Sage Press titles.

Membership fees

Individual Membership 2 years: US $ 170 Life: US $ 1300

Student (under 35 years old) 1 year: US $ 50 2 years: US $ 80

Senior (65 and over) 2 years: US $ 120

International Political Science Abstracts (optional subscription) 1 year: US $ 99 2 years: US $ 198

IPSA has an online system to facilitate membership.

For quick access to IPSA membership: Go to

As well, I strongly encourage you to contribute to our awards fund, particularly the Global South Solidarity Fund. The money is used to help scholar from the Global South to participate in the upcoming World Congress.

The continuous support of the political science community helps IPSA to develop programs for political scientists from developing countries (Summer School) and to increase their participation in IPSA activities (Global South Solidarity Fund).

For your information, here are our main upcoming events:

  • 1st IPSA UCT Summer School, November 23-December 4 2015 (Cape Town, South Africa)

  • 7th IPSA Summer School, Concepts and Methods in Political Science and International Relations, January 18-February 5 2016 (São Paulo, Brazil).

  • 10th Anniversary of the Implementation of the IPSA Secretariat in Montréal, March 30 2016 (Montréal, Canada)

  • 5th IPSA-NUS Summer School, Research Methods in Social and Political Science, July 4-15 2016 (Singapore).

  • 4th IPSA-METU Summer School for Social Science Research Methods, Summer 2016 (Ankara, Turkey).

  • 24th IPSA World Congress of Political Science, Politics in a World of Inequality, July 23-28 2016 (Istanbul, Turkey).

We sincerely hope the services and opportunities we offer will encourage you to join IPSA. Our goal is to grow our membership at the same pace we increase services in order to bridge gaps and ensure our community has access to the best and latest in technology, research and networking.

Please join us and do not hesitate to let us know how we can make IPSA better.

Thank you very much,

-- Mathieu St-Laurent

Membership Services & External Relations Manager/ Directeur des services aux membres et des relations externes International Political Science Association / Association internationale de science politique 1590, av. Docteur-Penfield, bureau 333 Montréal (Québec) H3G 1C5 Canada Tel. : +1-514-848-8745 Fax : +1-514-848-4095

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