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Call for Submissions Israel Studies Review Special Issue on Innovation in Israeli politics

The Israeli Political Science Association seeks submissions for a special issue of the journal Israel Studies Review devoted to Innovation in Israeli politics. The issue is scheduled to be published in 2020. Innovation in Israeli politics Inspired by Schumpeter (2003), one can say that "innovation" on the political level is a trend that transforms a new idea into a product, process, organizational structure, or political force in order to improve and streamline performance and deliverables in a changing environment. Innovation refers to ideas, technologies, political and organizational rules of play that spur new opportunities or solutions, and are often applied in new contexts. On the level of political power relations, innovation relates to the methods of political organization, to the nature of the political actors, to the ideologies and visions that they propose and to formulate, to the desired value infrastructure of society in their eyes, to connecting with audiences. In the public sector, innovation refers to policies aimed at promoting economic development, development of management strategies, services, processes and technologies of all organizations, ways of providing services and products, development of administrative system, development of regulation or legislation. This, along with daily innovation, improves the routine activities carried out by public institutions and their employees. Innovations in public systems occur on the intra-organizational, cross-organizational and national-systemic levels and at the various levels of government - national and municipal. Changes will be considered innovative if they can be referred to as a "turning point" compared to processes that preceded them. That is, they constitute an acute change in the rules of the game and a value-based infrastructure, while past patterns cease to be relevant and sink. This is of course relevant for every arena in which politics takes place: The formation of public opinion, the formation of political parties, selection processes, legislation, decision making, policy adoption, the arena of public administration, the municipal arena, the development of political leadership and more. We invite contributions on topics related to Innovation in Israeli politics and administration. We especially welcome submissions representing various topics such as Ideological development, the current value foundations of Israel, rules of the game between forces, Networked Governance, political relations between a variety of sectors and the political arena, changes within and concerning parties, coalition building, young people and politics, public management strategies, policy instruments and policy making processes in the central and municipal level of government, ethics and politics and more. Submissions must include a 300-word abstract and 5-6 keywords. The deadline for Abstract submissions is October 1st, 2019 - Earlier submissions will be highly appreciated. If the abstract is accepted, a manuscript of 8,000-9,000 words, with notes and references included, will be requested for submission in 4 months. All submissions should be addressed directly to one of the special issue guest editors: Dr. Sigal Ben-Rafael Galanti. (Beit-Berl Academic College) Email: Dr. Fany Yuval (Department of Public Policy and Administration, Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) Email: Submissions will be peer reviewed in accordance with the journal’s practice. For the journal’s reference and style guidelines, please follow the manuscript preparation instructions provided on the journal’s website. Manuscripts not following the journal’s style will not be considered. All manuscripts must be in English. Non-native English speaking authors are encouraged to seek a professional editor. The journal will not provide editing service. For any queries regarding this special issue, please feel free to contact its guest editors.

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